Sustainability Report 2016 - page 45

CCC Sustainability Initiatives
Water Consumption
CCC Sustainability Initiatives
Recycling Construction Waste
Implemented for sewage treatment purposes
of projects’ site offices and camps, the three
plants (with an average capacity of 250 and
for Habshan and 300m
for MTB) use MBR
technology. The treated water produced is used
for toilet flushing, dust control and irrigation
usages. Combined, the installations reduce
the freshwater supply demand by more than
500,000m3 annually.
The project team decided to recycle the concrete
and use the aggregates in certain applications
(mostly non-structural), such as base and
sub-base for temporary roads and backfilling
(provided the recycled aggregates pass the
specifications compliance test per the QA/QC
procedure). CCC has recycled and used a total
of 992,160m3 of recycled aggregates (48,105m3
recycled aggregates and 944,055m3 recycled
backfilling material). Additionally, we have
eliminated the production of harmful emissions
during transportation to landfill. By recycling the
aggregates ‘on-site’, the transportation from the
site to the landfill is avoided and an approximate
of 3,118,170 km of truck transportation have
been eradicated. This initiative reduces CCC’s
carbon footprint by offsetting 2,469 tons of CO
emissions annually.
MTB Project, UAE
Habshan Project & Camp, UAE
Wastewater Treatment Plants
MTB Project, UAE
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