Sustainability Report 2016 - page 47

Sustainable Project
Construction Week Oman Award
CCC’s new Oman head office was nominated
“Sustainable Project of the Year” at the Construction
Week Oman Awards 2016. This eminent industry
award was conferred to CCC for applying advanced
sustainable building practices and achieving a
LEED certification for the new corporate office. The
judges’ panel congratulated CCC for the numerous
sustainable features embedded in the project,
especially since there is little demand for LEED
in Oman. When complete, this will be one of the
first LEED accredited building in Muscat. (For more
details on this project please refer to p.0).
We have developed, embedded and implemented numerous sustainability themes to reduce
our environmental footprint and strive to go even further. We are honored with the recognition
earned for our sustainability efforts so far.
IPLOCA Environmental Award
CCC was named the winner of the 2016 IPLOCA
Environmental Award sponsored by Shell for our
applied “Portable Green Energies”. This award was
presented to CCC in recognition of the exemplary
achievements in reducing the impact on the
environment of pipeline construction projects.
According to the Adjudication Committee, the
winning elements of CCC’s success were: high
management commitment to safeguard the
environment, extensive investment to produce
clean energy and an effective waste management
Fehmi Ouaja (Project Manager of CW Oman Awards partner, The Big
Show Oman) presenting Amr El Khatib (CCC Project Engineer) and
Samir Thabet (CCC Sustainability Coordination Manager) with the
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