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Consolidated Contractors Group S.A.L. | Sustainability Report
The Palestinian Museum
(Birzeit - Palestine)
The Palestinian Museum is a flagship project of
the Welfare Association (WA), a non for profit
organization set up by members of the Palestinian
and Arab business and intellectual communities.
CCC completed the construction of this modern
historical museum dedicated to preserving and
commemorating the Palestinian heritage with
PROJACS International and Arabtech Jardaneh.
The Palestinian Museum is Palestine’s first green
building with silver-rated LEED certification,
presenting an example of long-term sustainability
in accordance to internationally benchmarked
The state-of-the-art museum building and its
lush gardens present an example of long term
sustainability by:
Implementing LEED
(Design Phase)
Potable Water Use Reduction
• Three water tanks to collect and use rainwater
• Wastewater treated and reused for landscape
irrigation and flushing
• Gardens planted with native plants requiring
minimum water
Energy Use Reduction
• Building’s orientation minimizes heating and
cooling demand
• Hot water solar energy system used to heat water
for public use
• Efficient lighting fixtures (LED)
Green Materials
• Materials exposed to the public (paint, carpet,
adhesives etc.) contain less toxic substances,
creating a healthier environment for museum
• Use of materials with recycled content
• Building materials sourced within a 500 mile
radius of the project site
Energy-saving measures will reduce the
Museum’s annual energy consumption by
27% and water usage by 37%.
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