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Consolidated Contractors Group S.A.L. | Sustainability Report
Message from the
President Engineering
& Construction
I am very pleased to present to you CCC’s third
Sustainability Report covering activities of the
period 2014-2015.
I can now proudly classify our Sustainability journey
as an institutionalized success.
We have gone well beyond being just a well-
intended corporate responsibility initiative
launched back in 2011 into a mature corporate core
We are honoring our solemn duty in protecting the
environment, in safeguarding our employees and in
assisting and developing the local communities and
adhering to corporate ethics.
Regarding our achievements of last year, we are very
proud that:
• We have reduced our carbon footprint by 5.6%
compared to our 2012 data, through high energy
efficiency initiatives and renewable energy
• We have institutionalized the use of renewable
energy and recycling in most of our large camps,
with a switch over from conventional energy that
was substantiated by demonstrable commercial
feasibility and business cases.
• Our HSE record was quite impressive with very
low Lost Time Accidents despite more than 393
million man hours logged, a result of the utmost
and stringent attention to safety regulations.
Greater care for the Environment has taken place
through the usage of recycled materials, waste
management and dust control. Our induction
programs for staff, labor, subcontractors and
suppliers continue to raise higher attention
awareness to sustainability issues.
Samer S. Khoury
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