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Consolidated Contractors Group S.A.L. | Sustainability Report
A Proactive HSE Strategy
CCC’s HSE Group applies a proactive approach
in building and maintaining a strong culture of
safety that inspires employees and management to
safeguard their well-being and avoid accidents. Our
committed team closely examines CCC’s Health and
Safety records and coordinates schemes to foster
the integration of safety across all levels.
CCC’s HSE approach includes:
A wide range of training courses is conducted to
promote safety practices among employees.
Some examples are:
• NEBOSH Training and Examination
• OSHA for Construction
• Senior Safety Workshops
• HSE Officer Orientation
• Project HSE Managers Induction
• Defensive Driving
Health and Safety Assessments
These reviews aim to ensure full compliance with
HSE management standards and policies.
Project Coordination
Support is diverse and includes: assisting with
the implementation of procedures, monitoring
performance and planning actions to prevent
Continuous Improvement
Recognizing that HSE is a dynamic process
we frequently update existing procedures to
enhance our performance and prepare for
any emerging risks. We are aware that clients
place particular emphasis on safety excellence
and interact with them on an ongoing basis
to grasp their requirements. In fact, aiming to
further improve our HSE systems, a client HSE
satisfaction survey was initiated. As part of CCC’s
Client satisfaction survey, this appraisal was sent
to clients to measure their satisfaction level with
CCC’s HSE systems.
105 Site and Support visits
37 Courses provided
1,069 Attendees
197,167 Inspections
29 Procedures revised
20 Client engagements
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