Sustainability Report 2016 - page 67

Focus on Occupational Health
Captain No Zone
Safety Awareness Campaign
As Occupational Health (OH) continues to be a
main concern, efforts were intensified. In 2014, a
Health Policy was composed to foster a “Culture of
Health”. This concept focuses on creating a working
environment where employees’ health and safety
are valued and driven through workplace health
programs, procedures and benefits.
We promote employees’ wellness through health
prevention initiatives such as: hygiene inspections,
first aid training and medical equipment checks.
This is done so as to ensure that any equipment
necessary for occupational health is in excellent
working order. We have also enhanced pre & post-
employment medical screening procedures so
that all employees have a valid “Medical Fitness to
Work” certificate at all times. We aim to have all
employees with chronic medical conditions
(arterial hypertension, diabetes mellitus &
others) and those in sensitive trades (drivers,
crane operators and others) undergo
medical screenings every six months.
In 2015, further awareness was raised about OH
during trainings and project visits in UAE, Oman,
Jordan, Qatar and Kazakhstan. Also, a detailed
manual was designed to guide HSE managers and
supervisors in managing OH matters. In conclusion,
following increasing demand from major clients
a detailed OH management plan was prepared to
enable CCC projects achieve full compliance with
international standards.
We closely monitor Global Disease
Epidemics and issue appropriate
Health Alerts to guide employees in
preventing infections.
A great challenge in safety is to communicate
the correct message and ensure it is understood
accurately. Considering this, a “Safety-Super Hero”
was developed to improve awareness and urge CCC
employees to think about safety.
“Captain No-Zone”
effectively draws employees’ attention to control
measures, safety barriers and fully understanding
the task. This construction super hero emphasizes
important HSE themes such as unsafe conditions
and work accidents. On a monthly basis, a new
adventure of “Captain No-Zone” is distributed,
translated in several languages.
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