Sustainability Report 2016 - page 69

Human Rights in Action
In recent years, there has been increased
international interest on workers’ human rights
and labor practices in the Gulf States particularly
for contractors. Already, certain countries such as
UAE and Qatar are providing guidance and legal
frameworks for companies to review adherence to
human rights and give this matter the attention it
deserves. A responsible and human rights conscious
company like CCC can only benefit from an
increased global awareness of the relevant practices
among contractors.
As a devoted upholder of the UN Universal
Declaration of Human Rights (UDHR) CCC strives to
offer its workforce with favorable working conditions
at all camp locations and sites.
Mess Halls
We place great significance on the wellbeing of
our workers and take meticulous consideration
of all health safety aspects such as food hygiene
preparation and storage. At projects in UAE, Qatar
and KSA, to ensure our workers receive the best
care and welfare, we implement strict rules and
perform controls to guarantee that these are
adhered. Our kitchens also cater to the various
dietary habits of our multicultural workforce. CCC’s
unyielding commitment to provide high quality
food and hygiene services at messing facilities
was recognized in Qatar. CCC along with 25 other
companies working under the Mesaieed Industrial
City participated in the Qatar Petroleum Annual
Food Safety & Hygiene Awareness Session organized
by the prestigious local petroleum company. CCC
was awarded a “Certificate of Appreciation for
compliance & excellent execution of food safety/
hygiene regulations in 2014”
Screening Business Partners
The responsibility of an organization to respect
human rights extends beyond the narrow framework
of its own employees. On many occasions, in our
capacity as main contractor we employ a large
number of specialized contractors which in turn
employ further subcontractors. This process results
in a heighted need for due diligence in human rights
practices. We are currently allocating increased
materiality on monitoring our subcontractors’
respect towards human rights. A prime example
showcased as a best practice is the MTB project at
Abu Dhabi, described below:
All workers on this project must be accommodated
in camps that meet or exceed the requirements
set in UAE Cabinet Decision No.13/2009 (General
Standards Manual for Group Labor Accommodation).
A directive protecting worker’s rights and improving
accommodation. Compliance is mandatory among
all contractors, subcontractors and suppliers.
Requirements are included in the contractual
documents so that every party involved is fully
aware of the relevant standards prior to joining.
All contractors/subcontractors must demonstrate
compliance prior to mobilization through the
submission of inspection reports supported with
evidence, such as photos. This is then followed up
by further inspections and auditing by CCC (being
part of the main contracting team). On average, CCC
conducts one audit per camp per subcontractor
per month. Regular assessments are carried out
to ensure that the same level of compliance is
maintained at all times. Companies who fail to
comply with the requirements are penalized and
a relevant sum is withheld from their monthly
progress payments.
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