Sustainability Report 2016 - page 73

Community Vocational Training
Vocational Training Centers have been a long
standing practice for CCC, reaffirming our
commitment to strengthen local employment and
develop local know-how. For years now, CCC has
been setting up industry specific training centers in
countries where we operate such as Jordan, Oman,
KSA, China and Turkmenistan. The target being to
foster advanced technical skills among the local
workforce and build a competent manpower for our
CCC, in partnership with the Vocational Training
Corporation of Jordan, has designed and delivered
an integrated Health, Safety and Environmental
program under the auspices of the Hasib Sabbagh
Academy (HSA). The “Occupational Health and
Safety” program promotes the vision of workplace
safety and improves graduates’ employability
prospects with CCC and other companies. The
rigorous 2 year course aims to provide Jordanians
and other nationals of the region with high-quality
professional training in an enhanced learning
environment comprised of qualified instructors and
modern facilities.
The HSA undertakes various responsibilities such as:
• Training and development of instructors
• Preparing course outline
• Directing program accreditation and assessment
• Developing partnerships within the construction
• Raising public awareness for the training program
The Hasib Sabbagh Academy has been accredited
as a certified training facility by City and Guilds, an
international institution setting global standards
for skills and learning. This endorsement brings
added value to the qualifications of the Academy’s
graduates. Our objective is to constantly improve
the vocational trainings delivered by HSA and use
all experience gained as a best practice example
to enhance vocational training schemes in other
Occupational Health and Safety Program
Hassib Sabbagh Academy
• Duration: 2 years
• Start: 2014
• Completion: 2016
• Student Capacity: 30
• Curricula: OSHA Standards, Market-driven
(targeting industry entry-level positions)
During 2014 and 2015 more than 400 trainees
have graduated from CCC’s vocational
training centers in Oman and Jordan.
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