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Technical and Project Management
This scheme is an in-house learning experience
focusing on mechanical, civil and project
management topics as well as overall business
expertise. The specializations offered respond
to project needs and aim to increase employee
performance. Also, the project management
programs conducted are endorsed by the reputable
Project Management Institute as CCC is a Registered
Education Provider (R.E.P.)
Listed below are the training courses held under
CCC’s Technical and Project Management training:
CCC’s Technical and Project Management
• 1, 000 Attendees per year
• 50 Courses
• 12 Countries
Advanced Concrete Issues
Accounting For Non Accountants
Bridges Engineering & Construction
Adv. Presentation & Powerpoint Skills
Civil Engineering Fundamnetals
Advocacy & Influence
Dewatering And Soil Improvement
Audit & Fraud Investigation
Formwork In Construction
Claims & Management Of Claims
High-Rise Buildings
Construction Planning & Scheduling
Roads Engineering & Construction
Contracts Change Mgt & Impacts
Special Topics & Lessons Learned (Civil)
Cost Management (Fundamentals)
"Super" High-Rise Buildings & Strct Sys.
Cost Mgt (Est, Budget & Cost Controls)
Csr, Ethics, & Anti-Corruption
Piping Control Using Talisman
Green Buildings Stndrds (Gsas, Leed, ...)
Hr Essential Skills Management
Cranes, Rigging, & Heavy Lift
Insurance Issues In Construction
The World Of Pipelines
Intro To Construction Contracts
Erection & Welding Of Piping Works
Leed Ap Certification Exam Prep.
Fabrication & Welding
Monthly Technical Brown Bag Lunch
Hydro-Testing & Pre-Commissioning
Osha Construction Safety-10 Hours
Special Topics & Lessons Learned (Mech)
Pmp Exam Prep Accelerated Review
Structural Steel
Procurement Management
Pmv Best Practices (Utiliz. & Selection)
Project Mgt Prof. (Pmp) Exam Review
Quality Management
Advanced Planning & Scheduling
Risk Mgt Prof. (Rmp) Exam Review
Productivity Enhancement In Const.
Risk Management
Modularization In Construction
Safety Leadership & Incident Invest.
Stakeholders Management
Six Sigma & Lean Const. Practices
Technical English Skills For Engineers
Value Engineering
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