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Consolidated Contractors Group S.A.L. | Sustainability Report
Building CCC’s Talent
Developing CCC’s future leaders, preparing
employees for higher positions and producing a
core of high achieving personnel are important
priorities for us. CCC conducts tailored training
programs to groom employees for key positions. In
collaboration with leading external partners such as
INSEAD, Hay Group and University of Texas we have
designed a number of training programs to build
and maintain a talent pool in CCC. These programs
provide participants with the necessary individual
coaching, mentoring, development, support and
challenge all within CCC’s highly diversified working
A list of our programs is below:
• High Fliers and Succession Program
• Professional Development Program
• Graduate under Development (GUD) Program
• Discipline Leaders Program
A 2 week specialized training
scheme is held for high potential
candidates to nurture skills
necessary for their future careers.
Sustainability Education
A knowledge framework is being established to
promote greater sustainability consciousness, drive
behavior change among CCC employees and provide
them with valuable skills.
Enhancing employees’ sustainability
knowledge and skills is essential in
achieving CCC’s goals.
To accommodate CCC’s geographic span with a
view of omnipresent dissemination, there has been
an increased use of webinars. The webinars are
unique training opportunities, aligned with CCC’s
commitment to sustainability. During the webinars,
market leading experts share exclusively with CCC
their insights on sustainable solutions related to
the construction industry. Interaction between the
presenter and the audience is a key element so
after each presentation, a live question and answer
session follows. All webinars are recorded and
upon completion posted online on CCC’s Knowledge
Management platform “Fanous” for all interested
users to analyze and understand the content as
thoroughly as possible.
So far, the below topics have been presented:
• Solar Heating and Energy Efficiency
• Wastewater Treatment Plants
• Waste to Energy Systems
• Photovoltaic Energy Systems
• Water Conservation Solutions
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