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Consolidated Contractors Group S.A.L. | Sustainability Report
Women Representation in CCC
We aim to expand employment opportunities for
women in CCC as we realise the value this creates in
maintaining CCC’s diverse workforce culture.
An effort was made throughout 2015 and 2014 to
tabulate and present concise female/male statistics
in terms of how our workforce is comprised. In the
future, we aim to improve our process in order to
grasp how women representation features in terms
of training, recruitment and job level.
Composition of Women Employment per Region
In the past, CCC’s co-founder Mr. Said Khoury send
a clear message on how women should in the
future play a stronger than their current role in
our organization. In the present cultural context
of the countries where our main operations are
centered, the answer to the question of women’s
representation in our staff is not a straightforward
one. Additionally, the technical nature of our
industry in conjunction with the harsh and
sometimes dangerous working environment
inherent to our business limits the possibility of
increased female presence in our staff list.
Currently, CCC seeks to focus on the propagation
of young female talent in a variety of sectors and
scopes of work. Seeing that the Middle Eastern
region has adapted to women being introduced to
the workplace in a multitude of areas, we are aiming
to increasingly integrate young female university
graduates through training schemes, job placements
and ongoing career development.
In light of this, we would like to present the
viewpoint of two CCC female employees.
Dana Mahboobeh
Joined CCC in:
May 2013,
Sustainability Engineer,
APM Head House Phase1,
Abu Dhabi - UAE
• What attracted you to join CCC?
CCC is one of the top 25 contractors in the world
with a highly reputable international standing
that takes on outstanding project awards.
• What have you been involved in during your
presence in CCC?
Initially, I worked as an Environmental Engineer
on the MTB project. Currently, being an Estidama
Pearl Qualified Professional, my responsibilities
cover all the duties of a Sustainability and
Environmental Engineer.
• What knowledge, skills and experience have you
These range from time management to problem
solution and teamwork skills. I also learnt how
to handle third party environmental audits
while simultaneously expanding my personal
sustainability expertise.
• Can you give a personal example of sustainability
in your department?
At APM project we procured energy efficient AC
units for the temporary site offices as well as high
efficiency, low water use fixtures. Also, we placed
“Switch Off…Save Energy” stickers next to the
lights switches in the site offices to encourage
colleagues to save energy.
• How can CCC improve and become more
One idea is to increase sustainability training
opportunities for CCC staff around the world.
Another is to conduct competitions between CCC
projects to encourage staff to come up with ideas
and initiatives that would help the company
become more sustainable.
• What is your message about sustainability and
gender equality in the region and industry?
The construction industry still has a traditional
gender split, however I’m one of three women in
our project. The importance of gender equality
and women’s empowerment in achieving
sustainable development has been increasingly
recognized in recent decades. In the UAE, women,
both nationals and expatriates, are a significant
part of the country’s workforce and contribute to
its economy. For women to thrive in business, the
UAE is certainly one of the best places in the world
to be.
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