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Ethics & Anti-Corruption
Ethics & Anti-Corruption Program
(our EACP)
To maintain CCC’s ethical foundation that was
inherited to us by our Founders, ethics compliance
has always been on top of our operational
agenda. Bearing this, in 2008 our Corporate Ethics
Compliance Department (CECD) introduced the
company’s Ethics & Anti-Corruption Program (EACP)
which became a mandatory policy applicable to all
CCC’s operational areas and respective projects.
Since the original version of EACP (Rev. 1) was
launched in 2008, anti-corruption and bribery
laws and legislations changed and became more
stringent. To maintain the currency and compliance
of our program with the global standards, the EACP
was further revised in mid-2014 (Rev. 2) to cater for
changes and updates that by then fell short from
being up-to-date. Our EACP has specific clauses
that require senior managers and staff in positions
of authority to sign different commitments and
declarations confirming their full compliance with
the terms and directives of the Program. These
declarations are updated periodically and filed as
detailed in the clauses of EACP.
As a final statement on behalf of CCC’s top
management, implementation of the EACP is
mandatory to all the areas, projects, employees
and related parties who should all adhere to the
strict compliance and enforcement of its terms
and directives. The Group is committed to take all
necessary actions to deter these unlawful activities
and to apply strict disciplinary actions as applicable.
CCC maintains its commitment of zero
tolerance for corruption, bribery or any
unethical behavior.
Honesty, integrity and family values
have always been the backbone of our
Code of Practice and the basis of our
successful operation that led us to
where we are today.
CCC’s commitment to battle corruption is reflected through our support towards the below:
• UN Convention Against Corruption
• UN Global Compact Principle 10
• World Economic Forum-Partnering Against Corruption Initiative (PACI) Principles
• Transparency International-Business Principles for Countering Bribery
• Pearl Initiative
Workshop in Saudi Arabia
Workshop in UAE
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