Sustainability Report 2016 - page 85

Communication and Training
In 2014 and 2015, we further intensified the ant-
corruption training workshops for our employees
and particularly senior staff holding positions of
authority in various CCC locations. These workshops
covered awareness and training specifically related
to the details and compliance toward the CCC’s
Ethics & Anti-Corruption Program. During these
sessions, approximately 300 CCC senior employees
based in UAE, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Palestine
and Greece were trained by a certified Ethics & Anti-
Corruption Trainer and successfully completed the
training program.
Considering the fact that the CCC’s Ethics
Compliance Department has a mandate to expose
and educate the maximum possible number of staff
on the content of our EACP, an initiative to develop
a bespoke online training program based on an
e-learning platform was completed and launched
in early 2015. The program is bi-lingual, English and
Arabic, and is mandatory for all staff at all levels
to complete it. New recruits joining CCC must also
complete the training as part of their induction
program. The online program was distributed to
approximately 5,500 employees and participation
exceeded 90%. All participants who completed the
program have received completion certificates,
a copy of which was automatically sent to their
personal files held at HR Department.
Almost 300 high-ranking employees
participated in CCC’s Ethics & Anti-
Corruption workshop and 5,500 staff
members completed the online training.
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