Sustainability Report 2016 - page 88

Consolidated Contractors Group S.A.L. | Sustainability Report
Corporate Social Responsibility
In all areas of operation CCC’s CSR commitment
manifests itself through programs of corporate
citizenship ensuring that business decisions balance
between contributing to company growth and
improving the quality of life for employees, their
families, communities and societies at large.
We understand civil society as a partner of
paramount importance in our endeavors and form
mutually beneficial partnerships with NGO’s who
guide us and increase the impact of our initiatives.
Effective corporate responsibility is always work
in progress as all of CCC’s business is. Therefore,
we strive to enhance our applied schemes to
better align them with our business strategy and
sustainability objectives so that we deliver long-
term value to our stakeholders.
Globally, we carry out projects focusing on the areas
• Supporting Local Communities
• Environmental Responsibility
• Education
• In house programs for CCC Employees
We never lose sight of the fact that the
responsibility of our corporation towards
society is ultimately demonstrated by the
way we go about performing our main
business activities. We strive to ensure that
any project we complete positively affects
the society and environment around us.
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