Inauguration of a New Intensive Care Unit (ICU) Donated by CCC to Combat COVID-19 in Greece

DECEMBER 9, 2020

Consolidated Contractors Company (CCC), a globally diversified construction company with an international presence and a leader in the international construction field, continues providing practical medical support to combat COVID-19.

On Tuesday the 8th of December, 2020, in Athens Greece, the inauguration of a new intensive care unit (ICU) which was donated to “Thoracic Diseases General Hospital Sotiria” by the Khoury family, took place. “Sotiria” is a Greek public hospital designated by the local authorities to treat patients with COVID-19. The new unit is comprised of five fully equipped ICU hospital beds and will be dedicated to patients whose state of health requires immediate administration of oxygen and safe critical care management. Currently, the Intensive Care Unit of the hospital has 84 beds which are fully operational and functional.

The inauguration was attended by the Deputy Minister of Health, Vassilis Kontozamanis at “Sotiria” hospital.

 “In conditions such as the current pandemic, donations, such as this by the Khoury brothers, are vital because they save lives. We hope that this new Intensive Care Unit at the “Sotiria” hospital will remain empty. In any case, we assure all our fellow citizens that these Units provide the highest quality of health care. The equipment is the best that technology has to show and all our fellow citizens must feel safe.”

– Vassilis Kontozamanis, The Deputy Minister of Health

The new ICU donated is furnished with state-of-the-art medical equipment. The ventilators are equipped with a system where the patient’s own natural respiratory drive controls the ventilator, providing personalized ventilation that is both lung- and diaphragm-protective.

The ICU beds are equipped with therapeutic devices that promote early mobility. They offer physiotherapy and reduce length of stay at the hospital. The units are paperless through individual touchscreens for every bed which enable all the patients’ data to be collected at a single point while being accessible from anywhere in the hospital, allowing diagnosis optimization.

The combined effect of those novelties can significantly reduce length of stay, maximizing the unit’s efficiency at a time when heavy demands are placed on the national health system. The newly installed HVAC system that serves the ICU, works on negative pressure to contain COVID-19, it is fully capable of switching to positive pressure in the future to protect patients when used for non-infectious diseases. The use of this ICU will prove most useful even after this pandemic.

Additionally, the donation included the rehabilitation of an existing nearby building to house the new physiotherapy centre of the clinic so that full functionality is re-established. The renovation of the historical building was the preferred sustainable solution favoured by the Hospital’s management as it avoided adding another building in the plot, while making the most of the existing infrastructure.

The donor, Mr. Tawfiq Khoury, who was hospitalized last spring with coronavirus at the ICU of “Sotiria”, made the following statement:

“First of all, I want to thank the “Sotiria” hospital and the doctor Mrs. Koutsoukou who saved my life. I stayed 2,5 months in the ICU, the nurses were very helpful, they made things easier. Dr. Koutsoukou visited me daily, twice a day, so I had someone to express my feelings. She responded immediately and always encouraged me.”


-Mr. Tawfiq Khoury, Member of the Board of Consolidated Contractors Company

The donation was made in honour of the Khoury brothers’ parents Wadad and Said Khoury. It is pledge to keep protecting local communities as they are a critical part of CCC’s operations. In various countries where CCC employees live and work, medical services are under enormous pressure, for this reason, CCC has been prioritizing measures to support the international medical response and protect vulnerable people.

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