The Landmark Tower
PROJECT NAME The Landmark Tower
CLIENT The Department of the President’s Affairs
SCOPE Construction of a 329 meters from ground floor building plus 25 meters underground,
DURATION 69 Months

The Landmark Tower is the second tallest building in Abu Dhabi

The Tower sits on a 5 storey deep basement measuring approximately 120 m x 150 m which extends across the full area of the site and beneath the road to south of the site. The basement comprises a temporary reinforced concrete diaphragm wall (not part of the contract) with a permanent reinforced concrete wall within. The internal wall is propped by the floor plates to resist the soil and water pressure. The floor structure is a reinforced concrete flat slab supported on 9 m x 9 m column grid. The columns are supported on a 900 mm thick raft slab with tension piles to resist uplift pressure.  The main Tower structure is supported on 4 m thick raft slab which is tied intro the thinner 900 mm slab of the remainder of the basement structure. The tower itself measures 329 m in height from ground level and is comprised of a central reinforced concrete core containing the lifts and stairs, with perimeter round and blade columns supporting the 72 floors of main post tensioned floor plates. The columns and blade walls are predominantly in-sit reinforced concrete.

The Landmark Tower is the second tallest building in Abu Dhabi with a total built-up area of 197,000 m²


The Tower includes a retail space, lobby with an area extending beyond the main tower footprint of 2,600 m² and reducing to 2,400 m² at the East and West facades reduce, office space, health club, restaurants, sky garden and swimming pool, 140 penthouses with canopies, curtain walling, landscape and all associated MEP and elevator works. The discharge rate of the passenger lifts is approximately 92 persons per minute. One of the project characteristics is the rebar casting 15,800 m (400 ton), the largest self-compacted concrete mix in the UAE.