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Princess Nora University
Riyadh KSA


RAS Laffan EPC Mega Civil Project


CCC Key Personnel

Board of Directors
Wael S. Khoury
  • Wael S. Khoury
  • Chairman
Tawfic S Khoury
  • Tawfic S. Khoury
  • Executive Vice Chairman
Samer S Khoury
  • Samer S. Khoury
  • President Engineering & Construction
Suheil H Sabbagh
  • Suheil H. Sabbagh
  • President Group Human Resources
Antoine Mattar
  • Antoine Mattar
  • Director
Mohamad Seoudi
  • Mohamad Seoudi
  • Director
Mahmoud Zeibak
  • Mahmoud Zeibak
  • Director
Jamal Nakhleh
  • Jamal Nakhleh
  • Director
Imad Saad
  • Imad Saad
  • Director
Wahbe Tamari
  • Wahbe Tamari
  • Director
Board of Directors Committee

Mahmoud Zeibak

Jamal Nakhleh

Imad Saad

Advisors to the President (Engineer & Construction)

Najib Khoury

Advisors to the President (Executive VP)

Hani Ali

Moujally Jabara

Dimitri Economides

Henry Tadros

Other Senior Members


Farid Asfour

Executive Vice President Corporate

Zuhair Haddad

Chief Information Officer (CIO)

Nahed Kharma

Group Vice President Strategic Planning, Budgeting & Investment

Abdel Halim Rateb

Group Vice President Budgets, Cost Monitoring & Internal Audit

Edgard Marina

Group Legal Counsel

Ibrahim Ghoneim

Vice President Group Accounts & Financial Control

Nafez Husseini

Vice President Information Systems, Technology & Sustainability

Fouad Khoury

Vice President Treasury & Insurance

Makram Khoury

Vice President Corporate Risk Audit, Assets Control & Acquisitions

Ghassan Ouaijan

Vice President Human Resources, Operations & Deployment

Ousama Saleh

Vice President Human Resources, Rewards & Systems

Marwan Salloum

Vice President Oil & Gas

Michel Saad

Assistant Vice President Electro-Mechanical

Baher Zaki

Assistant Vice President Plant (Group)

Sami Ghandour

Managing Director offshore &
CCC Underwater Engineering

Hemmat Safwat

Segment General Manager - B.O.T., Power & Alternate Energy

Hasan Sadek

General Manager - Substations Division

Ahmad Ladiki

Corporate Secretary & Group Governance

Suhayl A. Shami

Manager - Corporate Planning & Monitoring

Maher Kabbani

Manager - Heavy Lift

Emmanuel Koukourakis

Manager - Quality (Group)

Sean McNiff

Security Manager (Group)

Yehia Helmy

Group Risk Manager Operations

Rami Abi Aad

Manager CIB

Wassim Mikati

Head of Group Internal Audit

Hani Fakhouri

Manager - Accounts (Athens Office)

Engineering & Construction

Nazih Abdul Kader

Executive Vice President Operations

Jamal Akl

Senior Group Vice President Sales, Proposals & Support

Antoine Haddad

Group Vice President Sales, Proposals & Support (Civil)

Hani Rayya

Group Vice President Sales, Proposals & Support (Oil, Gas & Pipelines)

Walid Salman

Regional Managing Director Operations, UAE & Palestine

David Skinner

Vice President Civil (Buildings)

Eimert Los

Vice President Transportation (Airports & Rail.)

Philip St. John Green

Vice President Operations (Oil & Gas)

Yousef Ghantous

Vice President Corporate Monitoring

David Webber

Vice President HSE (Group)

Ghassan Danan

Area Managing Director, Jordan

Yusuf Kanan

Area Managing Director, Lebanon

Samir N. Khoury

Area Managing Director, UAE (Northern Emirates)

Bahjat Moussa

Area Managing Director, Kuwait

Hani Shehadeh

Area Managing Director Yemen & Renewable Energy

Bassam Addada

Area Managing Director, Oman

Imad Khaled

Area Managing Director, Saudi Arabia

Oussama El-Jerbi

Area Managing Director, Qatar

Hisham Kawash

Area Managing Director, Kazakhstan

Jamal Bahlawan

Area Managing Director, North Africa

George Haddad

Area Managing Director, UAE

Walid Jabara

Area Manager, Africa (Zone I)

Ziad Kamel

Area Manager, Africa (Zone II)

Imad Kishawi

Area Manager, Africa (Zone III)

Camille Kanaan

Area Manager, Morocco

Yussef Khalil

Area General Manager, Iraq